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Wasps Nest Removal Service

Wasps Nest Removal 

Require a Wasp nest removal from  the roof , gutter , air vent or garden ?

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Safe Wasp Nest Removal Wolverhampton

Wasps Nest Removal

Wasps Biology 

Wasps are colonial insects living in social groups . The queens awaken from overwintering once the warmer weather arrives .

The queen begins to make a nest from paper , she makes this by mixing wood with her saliva .

Thousands ( 6, 000 – 10 , 000 on average , though can be larger ) of wasps are associated with each nest . The workers will feed on nectar , sweet materials and insects .

Wasps Nest Control 

Wasps can inflict a painful sting , this could be fatal to people with allergies . Especially if the sting occurs in the throat .

Greenlab Pestcontrol can quickly and safely eradicate a wasps nest .

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A wasps nest in the roof

We have may years experience in eradicating nuisance wasps , safely and correctly .

Wasps Nests can be made in the roof of houses , wasps nests are common in air bricks and air vents . Also wasps can be found in the garden , in trees , bushes and wasps nests can be found in holes in the garden .

If you call Greenlab , we can give an instant fixed quote .   We are also B.P.C.A. Members    ( British Pest Control Association )  so you can rest assured that our work is carried out efficiently .

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Trained & Experienced Wasp Specialists

Our fully trained wasp control technicians will remove the wasps , no mess , no fuss .

Our wasps nest technicians have found hives built into sheds ,  hidden inside lawn mowers  and all manner of places that many people simply would not expect, and every time they have found away to apply their insecticidal treatment to the hive, no matter how inaccessible it may at first have seemed.

Wasps Nests can be found in gardens , roofs and air vents , we can remove all wasps nests , removal of wasps in wolverhampton , west midlands
Wasps Nest Hidden in a Bush

Our Wasps Nest Removal service in Wolverhampton is guaranteed .

Wasp removal in Walsall 

Wasp Removal in Cannock 

Wasps Nest Removal West Midlands

Wasps nest in offices 

Wasps in the roof , Wasps can be eradicated in any Wolverhampton Home .

Wasps in the air brick 

Greenlab Pestcontrol can remove wasps from any commercial or domestic property.

Wasps Nest In A Loft / Shed Removal
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